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Proudflesh is gripping, dark and sexual.” 

- LORNA CROZIER  (Governor General's Award winner)


“Feisty, gritty, funny, harrowing, these stories shine with a bright and honest light. Worrell examines the eccentricities, frailties and courage of an impressive range of characters to show us a few things we might have forgotten about ourselves.

A debut to celebrate.” 

- CONNIE GAULT  (Author of Euphoria)


“A sharp eye for detail, an economical hand with language, a droll sense of humour and the ability to thoroughly inhabit the points of view of a wide range of character.

Makes good use of these qualities in her impressive debut story collection.” 

- DAVE MARGOSHES  (Author of A Book of Great Worth)


“... engages the reader with a gathering of commonplace details that create a brilliant surface that almost conceals the underlying depths of pain and the little bits of joy that nudge the main character back to a sense of self-worth.” 

ARMIN WIEBE (Author of Tatsea)


“It is an exceptionally strong story, profound and moving.” 



“Vigorous and evocative; the characters jump off the page... a tour de force in character description. This is sophisticated writing.” 

- ROD MACINTYRE (Author of Apart)


“Very poignant, well constructed... more than one judge shed a tear on reading it.... a piece to be proud of... It works and lives with you.” 



“It seems to pick up from where The Stone Angel left off.The knowledge that her death,

if it came, would be the ultimate humiliation was powerful.

The piece evokes a strong emotional response.” 



"I love the story... lovely understatement even in the title,

captures the characters through their voices"

- GILLIAN HARDING-RUSSELL (Editor - Spring Magazine)


“Stands out from the bunch... very strong and intriguing... takes aim from the sidelines.” 

- SANDY BONNY (Author of The Sometimes Lake)



“Her story skillfully uses time-shifts, dialogue, and precise details of food, clothes, and landscape to narrate Pauline’s drudging decades as farm wife and mother and to reveal a sweet secret at her life’s core.”

- CYNTHIA FLOOD (Author of My Father Took a Cake to France)




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