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Peggy Worell, PJ Worell


My writing is who I am, it’s my way of being in the world. I draw my readers into folksy tales about ordinary people, then surprise them. I am surprised by my plucky characters and my cheeky stories. I am surprised by life.

Stories come to me, I do not go looking for them. When I am asked about my writing style, I am stumped. I say I have a hairstyle, I change it every few years, but I sense that’s not a proper answer. 

Goodness, disappointment, happiness, and grace are of interest to me.

A few times in my life, I have been the recipient of grace. Some call this luck or good fortune or serendipity. Others use the word blessing. As a writer, short fiction is my first love. Novel whispers from behind the bushes, but I have promised to remain faithful to this modest form in full knowledge of Anne Enright’s warning: “A concentration on the short story form is taken as a sign of writerly purity though it still does not pay the bills.”


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